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What should we do when accepting an incurable disease?

We choose own future, at each moment right now.
Therefs a tentative theory that we can change own future by will power, which is indicated in the book such as eWhere does the time come from?f. However, we occasionally canft do anything by only will power due to inborn ability, handicaps or incurable diseases.
Itfs said that we have both evariable futuref and einvariable futuref ahead. It would be the most important to take in invariable future and try to change variable future to be better than now, without grieving.
Even if our activities would be limited due to invariable future, therefre a lot of things to be able to do yet. The other day, I went to ophthalmic clinic and had a medical checkup. And then, an eye disease called glaucoma was found by 3D image showing decrease of the amount of optic nerve in my eyeball undoubtedly.
In the case of the other eye disease such as cataract, surgical operation is generally helpful for recovery. But, itfs difficult for current medical technology to revive dead optic nerve caused by glaucoma. I asked doctor to explain about details again without even thinking, when the doctor judged the disease.
Now, Ifve nothing to do but accepting the fact. The doctor explained that crisis rate of glaucoma is about 2%. He also said itfs difficult to mention the disease wouldnft lose my eyesight 30 years later.

Now, I can see something around me through my eyes revised correctly by my brain to a certain degree. However, itfd be impossible for me to see brilliant scenery from now, as such I enjoyed it through the former wholesome eyes. So, Ifll only continue medical care to delay the progress of disease, and reconstruct my life along with the fact from now on. Anyway, I got a present with the fact. Now, I understand that scenery, which is spreading in front of me, is pretty beautiful and irreplaceable thing.

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Are accepting and giving up the same thing?
Wefd better to accept the fact as it is. Itfd be unnecessary to be patient to do so.
Therefs neither merit nor demerit in the fact itself. If we consider about the gap between the fact and values, excessive cares may cause unnecessary stress, which produce nothing in the future.


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