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Rapport solve the problems in communication of engineer.


Introduction of my treatis and magazin

Rapport and engineering
Choise of technology with rapport
 Vol.11 No.3,P61-62,Japan Society of Maintenology,2012.10
Rapport and wine of regulation
 Vol.12 No.2,P61-62,Japan Society of Maintenology,2013.7
How to install motivation
 Vol.13 No.3,P63-64,Japan Society of Maintenology,2014.10
Yes! Good wheel Japan Society of Maintenology,2015.4
The truth of good insurance, Japan Society of Maintenology,2015.7
'daddy' and 'father', Japan Society of Maintenology,2015.10
Ghost of Marley, Japan Society of Maintenology,2016.1
Briefing? or persuasion Board?, Japan Society of Maintenology,2016.4

Treatis of technology
Nuclear Power Plant(design), Vlo.83.4,P36-40,Japan Welding Society,2014.6
 (2014 Japan Welding Society Best Author Award)
The Institution of Professional Engineers,2015.2,P12-15,Action for re-operation of Nuclear Power Plant and motivation

World graph,2014.7,Dialog with Maezono shinya

Current energy supply and key point - Natural energy and nuclear-
SCE・Net 2016「Nuclear power and radiationfrom 2016.5.14 -(Ochanomizu women's college)
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Critical review of welding technologies in nuclear power plants in Japan(2016.4 IIW Turkey)
The principle of the technical capabilities, Language point to be up technical capabilities
Rapport for engineer

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Rapport for Pro Eng.

2014.11.17 open

My dear family 2014 summer in Hokkaido